Elsevier is a giant medical publisher that is engulfing
almost every famous publisher we know such as
Saunders and Mosby.
The company did not miss the fact that health care professionals
are turning to web and PDA based database and so they
created many service websites targeting health care
professionals such MD Consult and First Consult.
Then they provided Pocket Consult which is a PDA portal through
which we can receive Journal TOCs, MD Consult News, Content
clippings from Elsevier titles and other services which are
all installed on the PDA as a Mobipocket News item
called Pocket Consult.
They recently added Student Consult which is a great place for
medical students whereby they can read their purchased books and
interact with other students and prepare for the USMLE!
Elsevier as a world class publisher is expected to
have their own PDA platform to encompass their endless
books and journals and web based services.
    Subscription: Registrations is free with Pocket Consult and Student
    Consult but it is quite useless until we purchase and e edition when
    we see the actual features and benefits.
    Update Policy: The alerts and updates are prime example of the
    serious hard work of these people and ebooks are available on edition
    base such as Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics.
    Free trial: Available in a locked format that will not be unlocked until
    the product is purchased.
    Support: Email support is available and is highly professional and
    really solves problems!
    Storage: Depending on the collection but generally Pocket Consult
    may not need much memory to be installed, though we can not add all
    ebooks via the content clipper and may be because of memory issues.
    Prices: Generally prices are reasonable for Pocket Consult and
    Student Consult titles and many services are free such as the
    calculators and the updates.
Pocket Consult & Student Consult
Suggestions for
Please let us download
the whole ebooks into
the PDA "Not only
content clips"
Wireless access to a
small screen friendly
website will give access
to any mobile with
internet browsing
A single PDA platform
to include all services
Wish to market
electronic editions
and no need to purchase
the old fashion print
edition in order to get
access the online and
PDA versions
Embase search for the
PDA! Like the many
available MEDLINE
search programs.
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