Epocrates is perhaps the most famous application ever
used in clinical practice.
The company has grown significantly over the last few years and their
product has become a Golden standard for the clinical handheld.
The packages whether Epocrates Essentials or Epocrates Essentials Deluxe
offer an array of medical applications that ranges from drugs database to
disease info and laboratory investigations.
They were the first to create the concept of CME credits on
the handheld "Mobile CME" followed by the rival Skyscape.
The application is not pediatric specific but undoubtedly
useful for the pediatrician in many ways.
One thing which is missing from Epocrates is the availability
of images to support their disease monographs.
The platform is amazingly user friendly and individual applications are
tabbed in one single interface.
The Epocrates programs are indispensable for any pediatrician and
should be listed first on the shopping items should
you choose to invest on your PDA.
    Subscription: Registration is free and it allows access to free trials and
    email newsletters but without specific speciality customization.
    Update Policy: This is the most frequently updated software ever
    created for the PDA, their drug monographs, and other contents are
    continuously updated even sometimes on a weekly basis.
    Free trial: Epocrates Essentials package (but not the deluxe) is
    offered to new subscribers.
    Support: Email, and live chat are available and effective.
    Storage: Depending on the collection it may consume a considerable
    memory size but fortunately their large databases like the Rx, Dx, and
    Sx can be optionally installed on a memory card.
    Prices: In general the product is quite expensive and is on a
    subscription basis yearly or biyearly.
Suggestions for
Better cross linking of
the contents (For
example the ID drugs
are not linked to Rx)
Online access to
contents other than Rx
will enable all PDAs and
mobiles to subscribe!
Little more detailed Dx
content will be great
More calculators and
tools and perhaps
transforming the Tables
into real calculators
and tools
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