Founded by Grant Fraser (an ER physician) Medical Wizards has become a
famous PDA application.
It's Pedisuite which makes Medical Wizards an outstanding provider of
pediatric PDA content. The simplicity of the modules and the user friendly
interface combined with a design made with the busy physician in mind are
great features of Medical Wizards which made its name among others.
The award-winning Toolboxes are intelligent and created in a way that we
find what we need immediately and painlessly, ideal for ER peds.
    Subscription: Registration is free and it allows access to free trials and
    email newsletters with no specific speciality customization.
    Update Policy: Most of the applications are updated semi annually but
    not to the extent of being very up to date.
    Free trial: Available in a locked format that will not be unlocked until
    the product is purchased.
    Support: Telephone, email, and live chat are available and effective.
    Standard membership allows only three months telephone support and
    only 2 installations.
    Storage: Requires very small amount of memory relative to its contents.
    Prices: Some products are reasonable priced and very good upgrade
Medical Wizards
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So far no pediatric
bundle though there are
many for ER and nurses
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