Meistermed has been developing clinical and coding references
for handheld devices since 2001.  Popular references for
pediatrics include LyteMeister (Electrolyte management,
ABG interpretation, Normal lab values), DermMeister (a color photo
atlas of dermatology), and ICDMeister (an ICD-9 coding tool).  

Most of MeisterMed's products have been developed as iSilo
documents which can be used on Palm OS, PocketPC, Blackberry, iPhone,
and now Google Android devices. Meistermed is now also
developing online content (
ICDMeister Online)
and stand-alone Apps for the iPhone.  

MeisterMed's core mission is to keep clinical references free or easily
affordable so they can get into as many hands as possible and
improve the quality of care at the point of care.  The Medical iSilo(tm)
Depot which is hosted by Meistermed includes a
collection of several iSilo references relevant to the
pediatric practitioner, most of which are free.
    Subscription: Registration is free and it allows access to free trials and
    email newsletters without specific speciality customization.
    Update Policy: Most of the applications are updated periodically and
    quite frequently.
    Free trial: Available and many free products as well!
    Support: email support is available and effective.
    Storage: Depending on the collection it may consume a considerable
    memory size but fortunately all compatible with memory cards.
    Prices: Generally the prices are very reasonable.
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