Pepid has established itself as one of the major developers in the
world of medical handheld solutions.
pediatric module is available with their major suites like the
ED and  the PCP suites.
The program is essentially an ebook with hundreds of pages that are
interlinked together, in that sense there is no home page per se but
rather an index page to start with.
The things we like in Pepid is it's practical approach and the brilliant
concise and most important most common approach to emergency
and primary care information.
The Pepid suites are available not only for the PDA but also
online for desktop and handheld browsers alike.
The growing number of products reflects the popularity and the
success of Pepid over the years.
As far as ER physicians Pepid stands out as a distinguished
all-in-one product that is indispensable.
Thumbs up for Pepid..
    Subscription: Registration is free and it allows access to free trials and
    email newsletters without specific speciality customization.
    Update Policy: Most of their applications are updated periodically and
    quite frequently.
    Free trial: Available in a 14 days trial for all of the suites and products.
    Support: Telephone, email, and live chat are available and effective.
    They did not respond to one email sent to the editorial team.
    Storage: Depending on the collection it may consume a considerable
    memory size but fortunately all compatible with memory cards.
    Prices: Generally the prices are quite high, in addition it is not a one
    time payment but rather subscription based.
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ED Suite on iPhone
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A home page with access
to the different services
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greatly enhance easy
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