Pocket Medicine has been in the handheld
publication business since the early years of this
century and they are famous for three 'brand' names:
    1- Pocket ... Series : these are small (in-size) ebooks which provide
    quick access to clinically oriented information.
    2- Treatment Strategies .... Series : where they concentrate
    on the available therapeutic options for a particular disease and
    how to choose among them
    3- Checklist .... Series : this is just like the advise you get from a
    senior colleague asking Did you consider? Did you check?
    Did you do? ...etc
Many pediatric titles are there and they are all well
written and useful for
clinical ped practice.
There titles are also published by Skyscape under a
different name (
Pocket Advisor Series)
    Subscription: Registrations is free for email list were subscribers will
    not have many benefits except for new product alerts.
    Update Policy: Their titles are occasionally updated but they provide
    no means by which we can automatically get that update, they even do
    no offer upgrade discount!
    Free trial: Available in a locked format that will not be unlocked until
    the product is purchased.
    Support: Email support is available and they answer all questions
    Storage: Most of the titles are reasonably sized and can be installed
    on memory cards.
    Prices: $50 for new titles and $30 for older titles seem to be expensive
    and need to come down a little bit.
Pocket Medicine
Suggestions for
Would be great if you
have your own software
where all of your titles
cross linked
Documentation and
specifications and
support pages needed
on the website
Wireless access to a
small screen friendly
website will give access
to any mobile with
internet browsing
Adding checklists in
pediatrics to the Pocket
Medicine Pediatrics
Bundle would be great
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