Skyscape has gained enormous popularity among physicians and
pediatricians all over the world as they provide the most comprehensive
library of references and ebooks in various specialities.
Their pediatric titles are well prepared and can be purchased in a
Skyscape is in continuous progress as they always
add new titles and new features, for example they enhanced their
services by providing
CME credits to those who use Skyscape on the
go and they made the contents viewable online for registered
users (Nobody else offers this service) and they
also were among the first developers to offer Blackberry and iPhone
compatible PDA applications.
The beauty of Skyscape comes from the user friendly interface
standardized in all titles. This interface can navigate through
contents quickly and all purchased references are cross linked with each
other so we can assemble our own pediatric Skyscape collection.
Each reference has an index and a table of contents
and an icon to update wirelessly.
The PDA programs are now accompanied by desktop versions
and books can be accessed from there as well with a convenient "My
Skyscape" placed on desktop through which we can
manage all installed titles.
Viewing images and tables is outstanding and the memory
consumption of references is reasonable with compatibility
with all storage cards and memory sticks.
    Subscription: Registration is free and it allows access to free trials and
    email newsletters with specific speciality customization.
    Update Policy: They offer two kinds of purchase. one is subscription
    based and another standard edition. To know more about these
    Free trial: Available in a locked format that will not be unlocked until
    the product is purchased.
    Support: Telephone, email, and live chat are available and effective.
    Phone support is free for only the first 90 days after registering the
    product otherwise Platinum ($19.95/yr) membership needed.
    Storage: Depending on the collection it may consume a considerable
    memory size but fortunately all compatible with memory cards.
    Prices: Some products are reasonable priced and some are not (See
    individual reviews).
Suggestions for
Cross linking does not
work on all index items,
please better indexing
Online access to contents
will enable all PDAs and
mobiles to subscribe!
So far no comprehensive
pediatric database like
what you used to give
before (emedicine)
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