Thomson Health Care is leader of electronic applications in the
medical field and they developed a number of excellent
PDA programs that can be very useful for the pediatrician.
The makers of Micromedex and and ultimately the
Clinical Xpert for the mobile platform.
Most of the services are provided just for free specially for
US health care professionals.
Thank you Thomson for such a great service.
    Subscription: There is no registration at their website.
    Update Policy: The platform is especially designed for updates
    (journals and news) whenever the device is docked everything will be
    Free trial: Most of the products are available for free trials.
    Support: Email support is there and a page of FAQ's is also available.
    Support is also free via phone.
    Storage: All of their products are compatible with memory cards and
    generally do not require large amount of memory.
    Prices: Usually on the high end if it is not free.
Clinical Xpert
Neofax 2007
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