Unbound Medicine's platform is unique in that it synchronizes itself
upon docking the PDA and quickly updates the information and
therefore they excelled at journals services such as Medline journals.

Unbound Medicine’s award-winning mobile information products offer
immediate, authoritative and accurate answers when and where clinicians
need them. Unbound’s unique PDA, Web and Wireless technology gives
pediatricians and other health care professionals the flexibility to use
the Web and any popular PDA or wireless device, such as smartphone,
BlackBerry, and iPhone.

Unbound publishes popular mobile references such as Pediatrics Central,
5 Minute Pediatric Consult, the Red Book®, Clinical Evidence, and Oxford
Handbook of Clinical Evidence. To support this information with the best
available evidence, they offer Unbound MEDLINE. Derived from the National
Library of Medicine’s PubMed database, Unbound MEDLINE allows users to
track leading journals and search the latest medical literature.

They strategically align with industry leaders such as the American
Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), BMJ Publishing Group, Lippincott Williams &
Wilkins, Merck & Co., Inc., Oxford University Press,
McGraw Hill, F.A. Davis and others.
    Subscription: There is no registration at their website.
    Update Policy: The platform is especially designed for updates
    (journals and news) whenever the device is docked everything will be
    Free trial: Most of the products are available for free trials. In
    particular their unpartnered products.
    Support: Email support is there and a page of FAQ's is also available.
    Support is also free via phone.
    Storage: All of their products are compatible with memory cards and
    generally do not require large amount of memory.
    Prices: In general most of their products are adequately priced.
Unbound Medicine
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