Content publisher on it's own but also provides PDA
solutions for publishers and authors.
They are famous for their partnership with the Sanford
Guide of antimicrobials and the First Aid series of
clinical clerkships and other titles.
The interface is enormously user friendly and colorful
with tabbed titles and swift navigation with cross linking.
Although relatively new in business compared with other major
developers the company established itself as a pioneer in
medical mobile solutions and they are adding
new titles on a regular basis.
Suggestions for
Please more pediatric
Better interlinking among
the installed titles
Pda4peds Logo
Pda4peds Logo
    Subscription: Registration is free and it allows access to free trials and
    email newsletters (like news about newly added products) but without
    specific speciality customization.
    Update Policy: The software establishes an icon in Activesync so that
    updates are installed whenever the device is synchronized but their
    updates are rather edition based and users have to install the new
    edition rather than getting frequent weekly or monthly updates.
    Free trial: All of their products are available on 2 weeks free trial and
    thereafter the device is locked until a registration key is purchased.
    Support: Email support is available and is effective and timely. An
    online knowledge base and FAQ's is also available.
    Storage: Depending on the title installed but all products work fine on
    memory cards.
    Prices: In general the products pricing is quite reasonable.
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