The PDAs in Clinical Pediatrics

    So what are PDAs?
    The [PDA] is essentially a relatively small minicomputer  that we can carry with us in our pockets. It
    has all the functions that a computer can do but in a smaller scale and because these devices are
    held by the hand hence the other generic name for them [Handhelds]. Now, if you hear the names
    Palm or PocketPC then don't get confused these are just brand names of the same generic which is
    PDA or Handheld.
    Yet there is another name for such devices which is [Smartphones] a name that gained popularity
    recently for the fact that many phone manufacturers like Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, and others
    started to make devices that have both a phone function + PDA features and so they were called
    Smartphones. Learn more about Windows Mobile Nomenclature.
    What a PDA can do?
  • Essentially all PDAs can process the following info [ Contacts, Address Book, Appointments, Calendar,
    To Do Lists, and Notes] what's collectively known as Personal Information Management (AKA PIM).
  • Some PDAs they also can be good tools for emailing, and even internet browsing.
  • Some PDAs go further with a camera function enabling us to take shots and even short videos.
  • Many of them also posses a media player so we can enjoy viewing pictures and videos.
  • Modern PDAs can also serve as GPS receivers and can be used to give us driving directions and help
    with maps and geographic data.
  • Nowadays most PDAs come with a phone function that's why they are called Smartphones.
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August 29, 2008

    So the advantages of the PDA are pretty obvious and they can be useful to anyone not only
    doctors and this is why these wonderful devices have dominated the market and are being used
    by people from all walks of life.

    Now if we add to all those great features the ability to install medical programs and medical
    books then the handheld will be truly invaluable in clinical practice. Here's a list:

    Drug Look Up
    The most basic function (and arguably the most beneficial) is drug look up and a pharmacologic
    Especially when it comes to pediatric dosages per Kg, an accurate and updated dose is all that
    matters in practice and gone those the days where the famous doctor memorized all the drug doses.
    There are numerous studies (check the articles page) that confirmed that the use of PDA will actually
    minimize prescription error and in doing so it significantly decreases the risks to our patients and
    The list of available references is increasing day by day have a look at the pda4peds drugs category
    and choose the one that suits your needs. Also don't forget the drug interactions analyzers a task
    that has never been as easy as with the use of handhelds.
The pediatric uses of handhelds

    Before few years we were seeing residents and "smart"
    doctors stuffing their white coat pockets with small
    handbooks that help them find answers on the go. Now
    that has changed as they started to carry their PDAs.
    The digital ebooks are way easier to search and a lot faster
    to find that piece of critical information.
    Not to mention the great advantage of filling a PDA device
    of few ounces weight with hundreds of textbooks and
    references that would otherwise needed loads of
    conventional papers thereby eliminating the waste of
    efforts and time and also better for the environment!
    Check out the list of available pediatric resources.

    Updates and Journals
    We used to be proud of our latest edition of that famous pediatric reference "which in the best
    circumstances have been printed few months ago and so having its content not less than one
    year old".
    Now we can have resources that are updated up to the minute. We also get news and feeds on a
    daily basis right into our pockets and no more reliance on gossips and admin to get the latest FDA
    and CDC alerts!
    Our offices need not to be stacked with piles of our favorite journals as they can all be
    downloaded into our PDA without waiting for the post sometimes even before they are printed.
    Check the pediatric journals category of pda4peds.

    Calculators and Tools
    One of the most daunting tasks that a physician has to take is the calculation of how much fluids
    needed and what could be the right dose and drip concentrations.
    These are all now accomplished with few touches in addition to clinical scores and tools, disease
    criteria, drug equivalents and a full array of dream calcs availabe to our convenience.
    Have a look at pda4peds calculators and tools category for a comprehensive list of these
    wonderful applications.
PDAs in clinical pediatrics
    The use of Personal Digital Assistants [PDAs] has kicked off
    recently in modern clinical practice.
    Pediatrics is no exemption as many pediatricians have             
    already started to use their handhelds to assist                 
    them in the management of their patients.
    So before talking about the countless advantages                  
    of PDAs in clinical pediatrics let's have a basic idea                   
    about these little wonders.
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    These are just examples of what a PDA can do for the pediatrician and there are many more,
    just go to pda4peds home page and check out the numerous categories which are all
    incredibly useful in clinical pediatrics.
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