The iPhone and iPod Touch comes with a very useful
    utility by which we can add shortcuts to home page.
    More often than not we find good pediatric content
    online and we want to get back to them quickly just
    as we have quick access to native apps.

    So for example if you are subscribed to any of the
    pediatric iPhone websites you can create shortcuts to
    them right from your home - Apps page.

    Here are the steps [illustrated on the slideshow]:
    1- Go to the website; example here is the
    Mobile Merck Medicus.
    2- Tap on the plus icon on the lower bar found in
    3- Choose the option of adding shortcut to  home
    4- Rename the shortcut as you like [choose a short
    name because iPhone does not support two lines];
    example here is to rename Mobile MerckMedicus to
    5- There you go; you will find the icon right on your

    Note that if you don't delete the cookies the Safari
    browser will remember your username and password
    and you don't need to enter them each time you open
    your subscription website.
How to iPhone Shortcuts of your
Favorite iPhone Websites
Recorded on December 22, 2008
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