The brilliant intuitive interface
utilizing iPhone flick scrolling
fluid technology and forming a
slot machine like ABG calculator!

The initial version of the app delivered
some errors and bugs but the latest
updates fixed most  of them.

Tilting the device will take us to a
Davenport graph where
the result is dot localized!

Unlike other ABG calculators, Acid Plus
also incorporates the anion gap which
can narrow down the differential diagnosis
of metabolic acidosis disorders.

If you look up ABGs regularly in
your clinical practice then look no
further this is the right iPhone
and iPod Touch App.
Acid Plus on iPhone and iPod Touch
Last Reviewed on February 15, 2009

  • This is an ABG calculator that can analyze even complex parameters and
    gives the results instantly.
  • Not only gases but also Sodium and Chloride are included to estimate the
    anion gap.
  • The calculations are accurate and no bugs noticed.
  • Some extra information about the various acid base disorders are included in
    the form of short notes but these need to be more detailed.
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