The DrDrugs from Skyscape is one
of the best drug guides that we can
ever equip our iPhone with.

Multiple indexes like therapeutic, generic,
brand, combination, natural, classification,
and even an off market index!

Best of all is the cross linking to all other
Skyscape titles installed on the same device
and so you can cross link the drug with your disease
reference or the drug interaction app.

The flow pages and the lay out is extremely
easy to use with no bugs or
slow loading noted.

In addition to all the detailed fields of each
drug there is a built-in drug dose calculator
which is a great convenience.
Skyscape DrDrugs on iPhone
Last Reviewed on March 25, 2009

  • The Davis's Drug Guide named DrDrugs by Skyscape is one of the most
    popular drug resources available on the mobile.
  • With over 5K drug entries updated quarterly and multiple index search.
  • The advantages of Skyscape's over the Unbound Medicine version is the
    availability of built-in drug dose calculator.
  • The program can be purchased as a standard edition on the iPhone for $50.
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