The pediatric lexi drugs is equipped with an
excellent search tool that let us find the
drug we want fairly easily as there are main index,
therapeutic category index, and recent alerts
index. Even there is a list for
international Brand names.

Each drug is thoroughly detailed with over
fifteen fields of information including nursing
implications, drug and food interactions,
pharmacokinetics, and many others.

A wonderful list of references at the end of each
entry with live links to Pub Med articles
when possible.

A useful special section of appendices and
charts like a neonatal resuscitation algorithm and some
extra topics like febrile seizures and others.

However, we'd like to see an integrated drug
calculator near the dosage field to make our job
easier and there could be better linking to the other
sections of the Pediatric Lexi Suite.

The Pediatric Lexi Drugs on the iPhone, unlike the
Palm and WM version, is not available as stand-alone
product and has to be purchased through the suite.
Lexi Pediatric Drugs on iPhone
Last Reviewed on February 28, 2009

  • One of the most famous pediatric handbooks [ The Pediatric Dosage
    Handbook ] produced by a company specialized in maintaining drug
    databases has been reformatted to fit into the iPhone.
  • Each of the over 750 drug monographs is detailed thoroughly from brand
    names to mechanism of action to side effects and of course the pediatric
  • Even neonatal dosages are detailed by highly specific age groups.
  • This is one of the most valuable drug resources that a pediatrician can install
    on the iPhone.
  • The app is also incorporated into UpToDate and Pediatric Care Online a fact
    that reflects its trustworthiness and authority.
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