This dictionary is one of the most reliable medical
dictionaries available for mobile devices and Pepid had
made good job in including it for free with the current
iPhone suites.

However, there are a number of issues that
we'd like to see corrected:

    -- It should not be separate and should embed
    within the purchased suite.

    -- Audio pronunciations would be a plus [Tabers is
    better in that regard].

    -- We'd love to see it integrated into the text of the
    other suites so that for example if we tap on a word
    in ED suite we can then see its definition in the

    -- Labs and critical care subtabs does not work in
    the dictionary even if the relevant suite is co-
Pepid Dict Suite on iPhone
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Last Reviewed on March 24, 2009

  • The Stedman's medical dictionary code named Pepid dictionary is available
    from Pepid on the iPhone.
  • The latest 28th edition is included with the purchase of Pepid ED suite.
  • The dictionary installs itself on the iPhone as a separate database named
    Dict Suite.
  • Stedman's has been the preferred choice of medical students for decades
    and it's nice to have it on the iPhone.
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