The App looks great on iPhone and iTouch
with wonderful navigation interface and easy
flipping from page to page.

The home page includes access to the main index,
to the appendices, and to the list of favorites
that the user bookmarks.

The audio pronunciations are linked to an
external server so it needs Internet connection to be
played, However, this is perfect because otherwise the
app size could have grown from 30 MB to Gigabytes!

There are many pictures and illustrations that
make the dictionary a true medical encyclopedia.

Most of the entries are also equipped with
related terms so that we can find our way easily
on this huge dictionary. However, there's room for
improvements in this area as still there are many
terms not extensively cross linked.

Appendices even include immunizations schedule
and table of normal laboratory values. These tables,
although much better seen than in the smaller
Pocket PC and Palm screens, but they are still
Tables with no search box and somewhat difficult

Common diseases are detailed with diagnostic and
management monographs and
appropriately linked to other related diseases.
Tabers Medical Dictionary - Unbound Medicine
Last Reviewed on February 9, 2009

  • This is a complete PDA, Web, and wireless solution from the lovely Unbound
    Medicine Technology.
  • It doesn't matter whether you have an iPhone, a Pocket PC, a Palm, a
    desktop, or any other device with internet connection, you will get access to
    the complete 60 thousands plus medical terminology entries of the great
    Taber's from FA Davis.
  • This is one of the first serious medical dictionaries ever available for the
  • The app can be download for free from iTunes but the content need to be
    filled via a yearly subscription from Unbound Medicine.
  • The new edition also includes images and audio pronunciations of the entries.
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