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    Red Book 2009
    The latest 28th edition of the American Academy of
    Pediatrics infectious disease reference is now
    available from Unbound Medicine. Full Review
Skyscaped Medical Resources
    Meistermed produced the first stand-alone iPhone
    app with the latest ICD 9 coding and unmatched
    code search efficiency. Full Review
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Skyscaped Medical Resources
    Skyscape Pediatric Constellation
    All the resources that a pediatrician need
    including a DrDrugs, 5 Minute Pediatric consult,
    Life Support 360, Archimedes, Labs 360, ICD 9
    coding, Mobile DDx, and MedAlerts.
    Epocrates Essentials
    Getting Rx, Dx, ID, Lab, Tables, Calculators,
    Interactions, DocAlerts all in one super easy to
    use state-of-the-art iPhone medical application
    that continues to be the best seller. Full Review
Lexi Pediatric Suite
    Lexi Pediatric Suite
    A collection of the famous Pediatric Lexi Drugs,
    Lexi Interact, House hold poisoning, Lexi Lab, 5
    Minute Pediatric Consult all packed in single
    frequently updated app. Full Review
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