The slide show of screenshots
demonstrates checking possible
interactions among isoniazid, rifampin,
and telithromycin a real
life pediatric scenario.

Easy addition of drugs and easily
erasing them and a very
detailed information page.

Together with frequent updates and a
very detailed drug database, Lexi-Interact
stands out as a real drug interactions
analyzers that is unmatched
on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Although mentioned in each drug pair
results unfortunately you can not
check between drug classes e.g you
can't enter macrolides and anti-epileptics.
Lexi Interact on iPhone
Last Reviewed on March 5, 2009

  • One of the best drug interactions analyzer tool ever available in clinical
  • The details are so thorough so that even multiple interaction mechanisms  
    are included in each drug-to-drug pair checked [ read details ].
  • Supports multiple drugs analysis.
  • Updated frequently from the trusted Lexi database.
  • Details of the risk level and how to manage and the references used to
    quote the interaction.
  • Lexi Interact is included in the Pediatric Lexi suite package [ See yellow link
    on the left ].
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