The iPhone version of the Unbound Medline
website makes for a great Wow factor
with brilliant design and great colors, and if
compared to the
PPC version it's much better and
easier to navigate.

The website smartly recognizes your device
and knows that's an iPhone and so there is
no special iPhone domain it is
for all devices.

You can search for best evidence, and also in
advanced mode just like what you do
when you visit Pub Med
on your desktop computer.

Not only that but also there are sections
specified for diseases, drugs,
journals, and news!

The article lay out is extremely easy to read
with links to full text URLs, send
email to friend, and check for related articles.

This is a complete Med Line solution on the
PDA and it could be one of the best ways that
we can ever look up the evidence
based info on our devices.
Unbound Medline on iPhone
Last Reviewed on January 22, 2009

  • This is a great free service provided by Unbound Medicine.
  • It is a wireless website that can be accessed by any mobile device with
    Internet browsing connectivity, this is an area where Unbound Medicine can
    be regarded as pioneers.
  • The website is very easy to use and includes a full access to the whole
    Medline database with links to abstracts and original articles.
  • The search function can be highly customized.
  • For free access; we don't need to look beyond this website to have                
    a Medline search engine on our PDAs.
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