We can look up the information
either via the
main index or by keyword search.
The latter is especially useful for lab
panels, specific specimen,
and disease information.

All of the labs and diagnostics are
included and nothing is missing,
even imaging procedures and
biopsies are there.

The addition of pictures and illustrations to this
application will make it the most complete lab
database without any doubt.

The smooth flow of pages makes this app
extremely easy to navigate and information
can be looked up fairly quickly at the bedside.

Pediatric normal values can
be better tabulated.
Lexi Lab and Diagnostics on iPhone
Last Reviewed on February 11, 2009

  • This application from Lexi is considered one of the most extensive and
    resourceful laboratory tests databases ever available for the PDA.
  • Each entry is detailed with over 15 fields of information even including
    specimen information, storage instructions and many others.
  • The database can be purchased as part of the Pediatric Suite and it cannot
    be purchased as stand-alone.
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