The integration into the iPhone is outstanding
and delivers a more coherent application
than what we've seen so far in
Windows Mobile and Palm.

The navigation and the flow of pages is extremely
easy and the databases present a complete
reference solution that pediatricians can rely
on in clinical practice.

The biggest advantage over the Palm and
WM versions is that no more cumbersome
update of the databases as these are easily and
conveniently updated through the app itself.

A drawback of note, is the lack of
cross linking across the databases so that
Drug X in the drug database is not linked to the 5
Minutes Pediatric Consult or to Lexi Tox.

Most of the monographs are quoted with live
links to Pub Med articles which is
a great feature.

For a drug database that is being used
Pediatric Care Online and UpToDate, we
can make sure that this is an application that
we can rely on.
Lexi Pediatric Suite on iPhone
Last Reviewed on March 8, 2009

  • The pediatric suite from the highly trusted Lexi-Comp is a compilation of a
    great drug reference + an interaction tool + a long list of useful clinical
    calculators + a poisoning and toxicology resources + the 5 minutes pediatric
    consult + a complete and detailed lab and diagnostic database, what else we
  • This 20 MB of memory represents the ultimate resource and is outstandingly
    useful and easy to use at the pediatric bedside.
  • The Pediatric Lexi Suite is available for a flat $179 directly from iTunes, check
    the purchase link below.
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The Lexi Pediatric Suite includes
several  applications and in order to
maintain categorized reviews each
part was reviewed separately.
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Will launch in iTunes
Lexi Calc is available in the Palm and Windows Mobile version only and is not available in the iPhone version