This time Unbound Medicine have developed
a wireless website that delivers a wonderful
experience on the iPhone.

Clear large text and icons coupled with crisp
clear images and X-rays makes this website a
pediatric wonder land.

Live external links to trusted websites such
as the AAP, CDC, FDA, and PubMed.

Unlike smaller PDA screens the PDF documents
viewed easily and conveniently however no option to
download them which is not a website mistake
but an inherent iPhone problem.

Tested on a WiFi connection the
website flows smoothly
with no crashes or freezes.
Pediatric Care Online
Last Reviewed on October 25, 2008
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  • One of the greatest pediatric resources ever available for the iPhone.
  • This wireless website fits extremely well into the large screen of the iPhone
    and iTouch with a wonderful user interface.
  • The website contains authoratative evidence based content from the
    American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • It includes all of the components discussed in the PDA version of the Pediatric
    Care Online plus some extra features such as the Visual Library, Patients
    Handouts, Forms and Tools and most importantly a full text copy of the newly
    released AAP Textbook of Pediatric Care.
  • If you use iPhone or iTouch in your pediatric practice then you must have a
    valid subscription to this great AAP resource.
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