The information is divided into two databases
that can be accessed from the home
page of the Lexi pediatric Suite, these
are the Lexi-Tox and the
household products.

The Lexi-tox database is even better
than the
Windows Mobile and Palm version
in that there is a list of antidotes and
de-contaminants in addition to the main index
search and a search by CAS number.

The household database includes everything
available in the house from nail polish to
car products and insecticides. All detailed in
potential toxic effects and
management recommendations.

However, a missing feature from the
household database is the ability to search
by type and category which is a feature
available in the Palm and
Windows Mobile version.

Some cross linking to the other
sections of the
Lexi Pediatric Suite is needed.
Lexi-Tox on iPhone and iPod Touch
Last Reviewed on February 19, 2009

  • This is another useful resource found in the Lexi pediatric Suite which is a
    detailed list of all the toxic chemicals that could ever be encountered in
    clinical practice.
  • The new edition also added a great resource for the pediatrician which is The
    household products database where we can find all the possible child
    ingestions at home with their managements in details.
  • For an ER pediatrician this app is a must-have.
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