The home page is the search page
where we can quickly find the information
that we are looking for.

However the table of contents page
does not have a search box
which is problem with all Pepid titles.

Each toxic substance is covered by
pathophysiology, presentation, diagnosis,
and treatment.

For some common poisons the toxic levels
with associated labs are also included.
In fact there is a complete set of lab information
dedicated to the this toxicology app.

Another dedicated section is all about
acute care and resuscitation of
the poisoned patient.

House holds and cleaning agents commonly
encountered in pediatric emergency
practice are also included.
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Last Reviewed on March 24, 2009

  • This is the first Pepid Suite that is provided for free.
  • It is the core and the only available database when we download the Pepid
    iPhone app.
  • It includes a comprehensive list of toxic substances and their management
    with general principles information, labs, toxidromes, house hold toxins, and
    several other outstanding practical toxi information.
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