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The LinkedPeds Toolbar
How to use the LinkedPeds Search box

    The Search box is the first left button that you see on the toolbar and of course if you type in the box                                
    and then click on the Go button you will see the web search results [Powered by Google].

    Note that when you install the LinkedPeds toolbar it will change the default search engine on your                                    
    browser [ the right upper box that comes with Internet Explorer and Firefox], but if you don't like                                     
    that then simply change it back to the previous default.

    Yet there's another great way of using the search box which is by choosing to search the                                                       
    internet via the SearchingPediatrics portal or choosing to search the medline via Unbound Medline

    Just click on the small arrow next to the magnifying lens and choose another search portal from the drop down list.

    SearchingPediatrics is a special search engine that filters only relevant and reliable pediatric information                            
    on the internet, to learn more about it read this Blog Post.

    Unbound Medline is a specialized Medline lookup service provided by Unbound Medicine, You can search by evidence based
    info or by diseases or drugs and many other features, for more details read this Blog Post.
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