Pda4peds aims at providing an index and online library of Personal
    Digital  Assistants / Handhelds / Smartphone software applications
    useful in clinical pediatrics.

    Every application is categorized and reviewed (from the pediatric
    point of view) with screenshots in the form of slideshows or video
    recordings to explain the various functions and features plus links
    to download pages.

    In addition to the reviews we also list the useful specifications
    and pros and cons of that app (or even sometimes
    a part of an app) categorized in the relevant pediatric category.

    At each category page there is a table that lists the available
    applications with their prices for easy comparison.

    A relatively new section has been created which is all about the use
    of Pediatric iPhone apps which has been increasingly popular recently.

    Pda4peds website is updated regularly with New Pediatric Apps
    to keep the visitors up to date about what's new in handheld and smartphome medical applications. We
    also send Newsletter emails to our subscribers every two months or so informing them of the latest
    updates and frequently we send exclusive Special Offers for Pda4peds readers.

    Pda4peds also provides The Pediatric PDA Blog for peds to discuss issues and recent news about the use
    of handhelds in clinical pediatrics. Also, there are Pediatric PDA Guides which are tips and tricks and
    guidelines for the pediatricians both beginners and power users. Pediatric PDA Polls created to collect
    trends and opinions and also to select the Best Pediatric PDA Program in each category.

    Other features soon to be included are Pediatric PDA Surveys (to analyze the PDA usage in clinical
    pediatrics), Pediatric PDA Articles (interesting articles from the literature), and Pediatric PDA Cases
    (pediatric patients managed with the help of PDA resources).

    Input and reviews by pediatricians are welcomed and we would like you to contribute in order to improve
    this website. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive library and web portal for everything related to PDAs /
    Handhelds in pediatrics.

    If you find any error or if you disagree with any of the opinions published or when you have any comment
    or suggestion then please send us your feedback. The website is for educational purposes and is
    intended to help pediatricians gain the most of their handhelds in clinical practice and we are not
    sponsored by any developer and therefore we will maintain the non biased approach. Advertisements like
    Ads by Google and other ad networks may be placed to aid in funding the website  and keep it going.
Zayd Salim
About Pda4peds
    Pda4peds ;which stands for PDA for Pediatricians
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    http://www.pda4peds.com  and  http://pda4peds.com
  • To provide a categorized index and library of pediatric relevant PDA applications.
  • To review Pediatric PDA applications independently.
  • To help pediatricians in using the handhelds in clinical practice effectively.
  • To encourage the use of PDA in clinical pediatrics.
  • To generate online polls & surveys to better understand the needs of pediatricians
    with regards to the use of PDAs in clinical practice.
  • To assist pediatricians in communicating with each other and discuss the use of
    handhelds in clinical practice.
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    Pediatricians and other child health care professionals
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    August 4, 2006
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