Pda4peds Authors
Smartphone Magazine Board of Experts 2008
Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine Board of Experts 2007
    My name is Firas Salim, and I am preparing for the pediatric boards.
    I hold MBChB and MRCPCH and I have special interest
    in handhelds / PDAs pediatric applications.
    The story of pda4peds began when it was thought that
    it will be quite useful for pediatricians to have a website
    where they can find categorized reviews of pediatric
    applications for their handhleds/PDAs.
    Pda4peds.com is not intended to be a one-man-show
    but rather the collaborative work of interested peds
    throughout the world and therefore we welcome
    contributions, and feedbacks whether to
    the main website or to the Blog part of it.
I am not affiliated with any third party developer or advertiser and I
have no financial conflict of interests to disclose. Pda4peds.com
reviews are written solely out of personal opinion and the opinions of
pda4peds website visitors as judged through pediatric clinical
experience alone.
    Hopefully, this page will include other authors in the future when they join.
    Having said that, please do not hesitate to contact me if you think you have enough experience in
    pediatric PDA applications and would like to join as an author and reviewer and want to share your ideas
    for the better standards of this dedicated educational pediatric website.