Epocrates DocAlerts
After Auto Update a
page will pop up (See Left)
which lists the updates
Tapping "continue" will
take you through the updates (See
Right), for each one you
can either tap Yes or No.
Tapping on Yes will end up
with a message in your  
preselected email with
further details about the topic.
Remember that this
feature is not available as a
stand-alone but it comes with either
Epocrates Rx, Epocrates
Rx Pro, or Epocrates Essentials.
Epocrates DocAlerts
  • To our convenience Epocrates has added another cool feature to their PDA
    bundle, (The DocAlerts).
  • The application comes built in the "black bag" tab of Epocrates Essentials
    and Epocrates Deluxe (subscription based) or Epocrates Rx (free).
  • As the user Auto Update the program, these DocAlerts will be available.
  • Although not pediatric specific but many updates are important for the
    pediatrician as they are usually recent changes in practice, new guidelines,
    FDA alerts, articles, studies, and so on.
  • The Program does not allow immediate access to the topic of interest but
    instead sends email upon the next Auto Update of further details.
  • Most of the alerts are from Reuter's Health so they look like a media news
    but many of them are really important recent updates and alerts.
  • The content can be specified as only pediatric relevant by logging on to the
    preferences of "My Account" in their website.
Epocrates DocAlerts
Last Reviewed on November 29, 2006
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