Medical News Today as seen via NewsBreak
Last Reviewed on May 28, 2008
Medical News Today - Pediatrics
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The Pediatric PDA Blog
  • This is a global repository of all pediatric news all around the world.
  • Articles could be summaries of latests articles in high profile journals
    or news about latest pediatric research or even buzzing news in
    mainstream journals and sometimes latest economic and legal issues
    that concern the pediatrician.
  • The Medical News Today is a great professional news website that is
    gaining significant popularity quickly among pediatric circles.
  • We hope tow see two major upgrades for this service in the future: 1)
    a mobile website and 2) audio podcasts.
  • The screenshots on the left reveals how we can retrieve these feeds
    via NewsBreak from iliumsoft and how articles link to the Medical News
    Website where we can read the full version of the feed.
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