Medscape Pediatrics Headlines as seen via NewsBreak
Last Reviewed on June 8, 2008
MedicineNet Healthy Kids
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The Pediatric PDA Blog
  • Although both MedicineNet and Medscape belongs to WebMD health
    network but this RSS feed is quite different from that of Medscape -
    Pediatric Headlines.
  • This one aims at the consumer and the patient in a rather
    entertaining fashion and with topics that make the buzz in the
    mainstream news nowadays.
  • Each topic is reviewed by an expert editor and is carefully selected.
  • This feed is useful for pediatricians to know what to tell their patient's
    parents about the recent news.
  • Highly recommended and a must-have feed to be added to the
    pediatric news that we read from day to day.
  • Here we image how the feeds look like when retrieved by NewsBreak
    on a Windows Mobile and how links open in the default browser which
    takes us to the website for the full text of the story.
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