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Last Reviewed on June 4, 2008
Medpage Today - Pediatrics
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The Pediatric PDA Blog
  • The popular Medpage Today news website has its own pediatric
    section with frequent daily feeds of the latest breaking news.
  • The pediatric news is validated by University of Pennsylvania and is
    also used in Epocrates CME and Skyscape CME services.
  • The online version is equipped with CME credit offer so we can read
    news and get CME after answer few questions.
  • When the feed is retrieved to the PDA it can always be linked to the
    online page (See screenshots on the left) where the user is taken to
    the conveniently customized small screen of the Medpage website.
  • The articles are of high impact latest research literature and opinions.
  • The frequency and the authenticity and the CME credits of this feed
    makes high on the list of our recommendations for pediatric RSS feeds
    for your mobile.
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