Medscape Pediatrics Headlines as seen via NewsBreak
Last Reviewed on May 31, 2008
Medscape Pediatrics Headlines
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  • Don't like the scanty and unpersonalized pediatric information that
    you receive in Medscape newsletter, this your solution, subscribe to
    their pediatric specific news feeds.
  • Medscape has become one of the most popular news services
    available for physicians and pediatricians.
  • Luckily we have a dedicated feed to stay up to date with the latest in
    pediatric research, news, articles, polls, CME, and all the lovely
    services from Medscape.
  • The images on the left are screenshots of Medscape Pediatric
    Headlines retrieved via NewsBreak Windows Mobile reader where we
    can see that tapping on Read More Online will open up the web page
    in the default PDA browser which is Opera in this example.
  • These headlines are really enjoyable and could well be the first thing
    to read with the morning coffee!
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