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Last Reviewed on June 7, 2008
Medworm - Pediatric News
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The Pediatric PDA Blog
  • This could be the ultimate feed of all feeds.
  • This is essentially a compilation of all the available resources such as
    Medscape and Medical News Today fed into a single customizable RSS
    feed that can be retrieved via any reader.
  • The website generates feeds even for search queries, for example we
    can search for ADHD and the results can be syndicated into a special
    feed URL that can then be retrieved into the desktop browser or the
    PDA feeds reader!
  • This is highly recommended if you don't have time to lookup all the
    other feeds just add this feed and you will be having all sources listed.
  • However there are some pediatric news sources that are not yet
    listed in Medworm and hopefully they will be added in the future.
  • Not only news but even blogs, commercial sites, organizations, and
    pediatric journals can be syndicated using Medworm.
  • The screenshots here demonstrate the pediatric news channel of
    Medwrom retrieved using NewsBreak on a Windows Mobile with Read
    more links opening in the default browser.
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