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Merck Medicus News Feeds
On the left is the way Rueters
medical news look like and we
chose four channels here but there
are much more that can be selected
through the online account.

On the right the picture
demonstrates the RSS feeds
channels representing important
news and alerts from official regulatory
institutes with web links
for further details.
Merck Medicus News Feeds
Merck Medicus Reuters Medical
News and RSS Feeds
Last Reviewed on March 21, 2008
  • One of the services packaged in the Merck Medicus bundle is the               
    Reuters Medical News and RSS feeds.
  • Reuters Medical News: these are breaking news downloaded from                
    Reuters Health which emphasize on the latest updates and research with
    customized channels each concerned with a speciality, this is something that
    you'll get addicted to when start using it!
  • RSS Feeds: various regulatory and official institutes providing recent updated
    and news such as the FDA MedWatch and NIH and the WHO.
  • Channels can be selected through the online account and when we
    synchronize (via cable or wireless connection) all channels will be updated.
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