Linked from the home page are the two sections of
news and Pediatric Care Updates.

Appropriately linked to external resources such as the
AAP publications and even PDF documents as shown here.

Currently the content is limited but one would expects an
exponential growth of news and information to
build up as the software gets older and as the
AAP huge resource of info continues.
Pediatric Care Online - News & Updates
Last Reviewed on October 23, 2008

  • Two sections of this pediatric reference are dedicated to news and updates.
  • One section named news provides recent news from the AAP and looks like a
    newsletter from the AAP such as recent events and publications.
  • The other one named Pediatric Care Updates which feeds recent guidelines
    and practice parameters right from the AAP policy journal and other
  • Two great news portals coupled with Unbound Medicine's wonderful wireless
    updates making people really consider this quite expensive PDA tool.
  • For further details of the main program click the yellow link upper left.
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