Skyscape's MedAlerts
Right after synchronization
the program updates itself when
new alerts are found.

Each alert can be saved or
kept for a later review or
can even be deleted if
you don't want to keep.

Saved alerts will be kept in the
Skyscape database which
can be viewed anytime later
and can be cross referenced
with other Skyscape products.
Skyscape's MedAlerts
Skyscape MedAlerts
Last Reviewed on March 28, 2008

  • Once you are registered with Skyscape (free registration) then you are
    eligible for a free download of their outstanding MedAlert program.
  • This tool enables you to receive recent updates and alerts tailored to your
    speciality right into your PDA whenever you synchronize.
  • MedAlert is getting very popular among peds because simply it eliminates the
    need to search and sneaks on hearsays to get valuable major alerts like
    those from the FDA!
  • For a pediatrician you can choose pediatrics, emergency medicine, and
    breaking medical news for example to stay really updated.
  • No doubt about it, the product can be accessed from the list of links in the
    Skyscape interface making it even easier to access and be crossed linked
    with your other customized Skyscape's collection of ebooks and applications.
  • The tool is also available as an SMS service right into your mobile but this is
    unfortunately only for US carriers.
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