KidNorms CBC parameters
Although few CBC
parameters are included
but probably this is all
what we need to reference
when we look at children CBCs.
Certainly the differential
leukocytes counts are
missing from this
KidNorms CBC parameters
KidNorms - CBC
Last Reviewed on November 19, 2006
  • KidNorms provides several useful age customized applications, we review
    here the CBC portion.
  • For other parts of this program check: Growth and EKG portions.
  • The program can be purchased as a part of Kidcompanion which includes also
    KidCard and KidDose.
  • The interface is user friendly and all parameters will change by                 
    changing the age at the selection in the upper part of all pages.
  • This is certainly comparable to the Kidometer program.
  • This review is also categorized in Labs.
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