Epocrates MedMath
The calculator you
want can be looked up
by name (See Left) or
by class or can also
be accessed through a personally
selected list of favorites.
The simple interface
(See Right) with easy
adjustment of units and
an option of adding the
equation as a favorite
all makes this calculator
one of its kind.
The info button will
display information
about the equation and
how did it originate.
Epocrates MedMath
Epocrates MedMath
Last Reviewed on May 14, 2007

  • Among other tools provided in the black bag of Epocrates Essentials comes
    the MedMath which is a collection of medically useful calculators.
  • This is available as a free goody in line with other services.
  • These calculators are not peds specific and the list is not                     
    comprehensive but as a free tool compiled with other tools from              
    Epocrates then it's not a bad idea.
  • Epocrates MedMath ships free with Epocrates Essentials
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