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Epocrates MedTools
The calculators can be accessed from
the black bag tab of the universal Epocrates interface.
All are free, all are useful for the
pediatrician and they constitute a significant
add on to the multifunctional program.
The disadvantage here is
the absence of cross linking with
MedMath and other features of Epocrates.
Epocrates MedTools
  • Epocrates MedTools is a free add on which greatly enhances the functionality of
    Epocrates as a multifunctional program.
  • All of the tools can be conveniently added via "My Account" page online and then
    they will be added automatically when we synchronize.
  • What is sad here is that not all tools are available for the Windows Mobile
    platform but all are Palm ready.
  • Epocrates MedTools ships free with Epocrates Essentials and Epocrates Deluxe
Last Reviewed on September 30, 2006
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