Epocrates Tables Categories and Names
The information can
be looked up by category
or by name as shown
on the left.
The pediatric list of tables is
not long but the
classification missed
many other tables
useful in pediatrics which
can be found in
the reviews below.
The greatest
disadvantage of Epocrates
Tables is that it is just text pages
with no interactive calculators and
scores and also topics are not cross
linked with the other Epocrates
resources such as
MedMath or
Epocrates Tables Pediatric List
Epocrates Tables

  • Among other tools provided in the black box (med tools) of Epocrates comes
    the Epocrates Tables which is a collection of medically useful tools ,
    monographs and formulas.
  • These pages are not peds specific and the list is not comprehensive but as a
    free tool compiled with other tools from Epocrates then it's not a bad idea.
  • Epocrates MedMath ships free with Epocrates Essentials and Deluxe
Last Reviewed on February 18, 2007
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