The Harriet Lane version of Archimedes is
sufficient for pediatric purposes and if we
have it installed, it
would probably preclude the need for
the whole Archimedes.

Every calculator that the pediatrician may use in
clinical practice is there including the Growth
Chart calculators.

These growth chart calculators can be
enhanced by having an age related calculator
that can list all the parameters for that age
[height, weight, circumference ..etc]
Kidometer as an example.
Harriet Lane - Skyscape - Calculators
Last Reviewed on December 12, 2008

  • The new Harriet Lane from Skyscape also includes a dedicated calculators
  • These calculators are simply exact copies of the calculators that are available
    within Skyscape Archimedes EXCEPT that they included only the ones that
    are useful in clinical pediatrics.
  • This section complements the Harriet Lane and makes it a complete resource
    and a must-have app for all of us.
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