Calculators are classified into conversions, general,
toxicology, pediatric, and others.
History tab allows quick access to recently
used calcs.
Detailed dosing calculators of
various drugs.
No linking to
drugs database.
Appropriate info pages and references that
open up in the default browser.
Last Reviewed on October 7, 2008
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  • This is a collection of useful clinical calculators provided from Lexi-Comp.
  • Surprisingly you can't purchase Lexi-Calc alone but rather it is packed within
    the bundles they offer such as the Pediatric Suite.
  • The number of calculators is low [currently around 50] but their software is
    undergoing continuous updates and more calculators may be available in the
  • Although they classify only 4 calculators as being pediatric specific but there
    are many more calcs that can fit into the pediatric practice.
  • Unlike other Lexi products Lexi-Calc is not compatible with the Blackberry
  • For a review of the bundle click the yellow link upper left.
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