Skyscape Archimedes
Skyscape Archimedes - Pediatric Calculators
Skyscape Archimedes
Skyscape Archimedes is continuously being updated with new calculators with each new version.
Search is via index or table of contents which includes a special pediatric section with extremely useful
calculators at the bedside. Skyscape Archimedes is must-have tool for every pediatrician.
Some Examples
ABG Formulas
Glasgow Coma Scale
Urine Output
Skyscape Archimedes

  • Archimedes is a wonderful clinical calculator provided by Skyscape.
  • It is available in two versions Free Archimedes and Paid Archimedes 360. See
    this Page to know the differences. Please note that the free version contains
    all the calculators that we need in pediatrics and we do not need to buy
    Archimedes 360.
  • As with other Skyscape titles Archimedes is fully cross linked with all other
    Skyscape references installed on the same device. So for example if one
    comes across Glasgow Coma Scale in Rapid Pediatric Emergency Care  then
    by tapping on the link icon and choosing Archimedes the user will be taken to
    the GCS calculator of Archimedes.
Last Reviewed on June 18, 2008
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