Clinical Xpert - Calcualtors
Very easy to use interface
and brilliant sequence of results
as we input the options.

Needs more calcs like ER
equipments and biochemistry
conversion and would prefer
that the weight stays the
same for all the calculators
as we usually use them all
for the same patient at once.

dosing calculator is just a
smaller portion of the relatively
ER drugs calculator!
Clinical Xpert - Calculators
Last Reviewed on June 8, 2008
Pda4peds Reviews
  • Clinical Xpert suite of calculators is another merit of this excellent all-in-one
  • There are drug dose calculators, units conversions, body mass index and
  • Unfortunately they are unlinked in the context of other sections of the Clinical
    Xpert such as Drugs and Diseases.
  • This collection of tools is greatly useful for the pediatrician specially because
    all calcs are customizable by weight and sometimes age.
  • To view separate reviews of each individual calculator in this collection see
Clinical Xpert - Calculators
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