Skyscape CME 360 Pediatric Topics
The screen shot on
the left is the home page of the
preselected speciality which is
pediatrics here.
Topics are classified as New,
Open (Active), Submitted, and
The A letter on the left indicates
that the topic is an article (other
categories include case study and
material in Skyscape reference titles).
The screen shot on the right is
a preview of how the topic looks like
and how to take the post test and
fill the evaluation form in order to
submit the activity
(usually 0.25 credits).
Certificates can be found on the
account page of the Skyscape website.
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Last Reviewed on October 11, 2006
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  • The new colorful interface from Skyscape is wonderful.
  • A complete set of POC (Point Of Care) CME solution for the  where articles
    read in the handheld and then a short test is taken with certificates sent
    to the online account upon synchronization.
  • Activities are jointly sponsored by University of Pennsylvania School of
    Medicine and Medpage Today.
  • Topics are usually latest news and updates and relevant to pediatric
  • Accreditation is towards AMA PRA Category 1.
  • Now we can earn credits wherever we are so easily and                       
    conveniently and best of all for free!
  • Skyscape also provides paid point of care CME to learn                               
    more read this blog post.
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