Epocrates Sx (age adjustment)
Epocrates Sx (differential diagnosis of opisthotonus)
Epocrates Sx (refining results)
The home page
(See Above) starts
with options for
age, gender, and
duration and a search
bar for looking up
clinical features.
As an example
we looked up
(Opisthotonus) and
the results
came amazing;
12 common
and 9 rare causes
of opisthotonus!
(See Above)
ever imagined that!
Tapping on
any disease of
these will take
the user to
the relevant
disease database.
The program works just fine for a
combination of clinical features
(basically the work flow is that of
looking up all the clinical features
mentioned in
Epocrates Dx and
generating the list of diseases that
share all or some of the clinical
features in query).
Not only that but even it is possible
to refine the results by adding or
excluding other clinical features
which the user might have forgotten
to enter. (See Above)
Epocrates Sx
Last Reviewed on August 28, 2006

  • One of the most useful applications from Epocrates comes the Sx.
  • The program can find causes for a combination of features.
  • linked to Dx monographs of 1200+ diseases and conditions, therefore the
    new  features both together SxDx.
  • Although as in the case of all Epocrates products they are all not pediatric
    specific, but this particular application can be adjusted to age, sex, and
    duration of illness / abnormality .
  • This is certainly a must have pediatric program.
  • One particular drawback is that it does not include rare and even some
    common pediatric syndromes, something that will be really useful if added in
    the future.
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