• The new Merck Manual with patient symptoms provides a list of commonly
    encountered symptoms with their detailed etiology, pathophysiology,
    evaluation, treatment, and key points.
  • Many of the symptoms listed are purely pediatric such as crying,
    constipation in children and neonatal jaundice.
  • The reference is delivered via the Merck Manual Suite together with        
    Davis Drug Guide and the original Merck Manual.
Merck Manual with Patient Symptoms
Last Reviewed on February 15, 2009
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This reference needs several enhancements:

1- Etiology lists should be linked to relevant diseases
in the bundled Merck Manual.

2- A differential diagnosis analyzer need to be created
to interpret multiple symptoms in the same patient.

3- Many pediatric symptoms are still missing.

4- Clinical presentations such as physical signs and lab
errors should be added.

However, the overall experience with this sweet reference
is not bad and it can still be very useful at the bedside,
there are topics such as Crying, Jaundice,
Hair loss, Gas, and many others that are
very clinically oriented.
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