Epocrates MultiCheck
The left screenshot is
the home page of
MultiCheck and from here all
drugs can be looked up and selected
as needed (See right).
In the example shown here
a patient on Lasix, spironolactone, and
captopril is checked for possible
The results yielded two possible
interactions one between
Lasix and captopril
with increased risk of
hypotension and the
other between
spironolactone and captopril
with increased risk of
Epocrates MultiCheck (selecting the drugs)
Epocrates MultiCheck
Last Reviewed on October 25, 2006

  • Just another service from Epocrates that allows generating interactions
    analysis between all of the drugs listed in their Rx or Rx Pro.
  • The application comes in combo with Rx (free service) and no need for the
    subscription based (Rx Pro).
  • It has to be mentioned that in Epocrates Rx and Rx Pro themselves there are
    monographs explaining possible drug to drug interaction of each individual
    drug looked up there.
  • Not only drug to drug interactions can be checked but even IV compatibilities
    (Rx Pro Only), a feature not available in other interactions generators.
  • Each check list can be up to 30 drugs which is obviously enough in the case
    of the pediatric patient.
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