The slide show of screenshots demonstrates
checking possible interactions among isoniazid, rifampin,
and telithromycin a real life pediatric scenario.

Easy addition of drugs and easily erasing them
and a very detailed information page.

Although mentioned in each drug pair results unfortunately
you can not check between drug classes e.g you
can't enter macrolides and anti-epileptics.
Last Reviewed on October 7, 2008

  • One of the best drug interactions PDA analyzer tool ever available in clinical
  • The details are so thorough so that even multiple interaction mechanisms  
    are included in each drug-to-drug pair checked [ read details ].
  • Supports multiple drugs analysis.
  • Updated frequently from the trusted Lexi database.
  • Details of the risk level and how to manage and the references used to
    quote the interaction.
  • We wish to see it coupled with Lexi drugs in one software.
  • Lexi Interact is included in the Pediatric Lexi suite package [ See yellow link
    on the left ].
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